Sexual Harassment
What is Sexual Harassment

What Is Sexual Harassment

  • Physical contact and advances

  • A demand or request for sexual favours

  • Sexually coloured remarks

  • Showing pornography

  • Any other unwelcomed physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature

Each of above is a criminal offence
Punishment for Harasserr
  • Warning

  • Written apology

  • Bond of good behavior

  • Adverse remarks in the confidential report

  • Debarring from supervisory duties

  • Denial of membership of statury bodies

  • Deniel of re-employment

  • Stopping of increments/promotion.

  • Reverting demotion, Transfer, Dismissal

  • Withdrawl of residential facilities and prohibition from entry on the campus etc.

  • Any other relevant mechanism.

Anti Sexual Harassment Committee
  • Registrar, B.P.S. MahilaVishwavidyalaya , Khanpurkalan
    PH: 01263-283038
  • Proctor, B.P.S. MahilaVishwavidyalaya , Khanpurkalan
  • Dean, Students Welfare, B.P.S. MahilaVishwavidyalaya ,Khanpurkalan
    PH: 9468462751
  • Chief Warden, B.P.S. MahilaVishwavidyalaya , Khanpurkalan
    PH: 9416486394
  • Coordinator, University Cell Against Sexual Harassment (UCASH)
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