Departmental Library

The objectives of Department Library is to serve as a “Learning Resource Centre” which provides its uses across to a variety of both print and non-print knowledge resources, where in actively contributes to knowledge aeration by assisting faculty in information search as a part of their research, and where in serves as a mechanism to ensure that all users and information literate. i.e., they learn the Skills of retrieval evaluation & making practical use of the acquired knowledge & information base.

The departmental library is setup in covered area of 500 sqm. The library is divided into three different sections, for reading books, for newspapers and for journals of magazines. The library is having a large collection of books related to computer Sciences & Engg. Electronics & Communication Engineering. & Information Technology. Along with the course books library is going to subscribe some e-resources also.

The departmental library had 6010 volumes and having 500 titles of the books. The library subscribes 24 National and International journals/periodicals/Magazines. The Departmental Library subscribed 07 Newspapers in Hindi & English languages. Three E-Resources i.e. IEEE, ASTM Digital Library and BENTHEM are subscribed by the Library. INFLIBNET had provided nine websites free of cost i.e. JSTOR, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, WILEY INDIA, SPRINGER LINK, TAYLER FRANCIS, MANUPATRA, HEIN ONLINE, WEST LAWS INDIA, and ELSEVIER. E-resources can be accessed from

Phone: + 91 01263-283003
Fax:+ 91 01263-283003
  • Department of English
  • Department of Foreign Languages
  • Department of Laws
  • Department of Social Work & Economics
Colleges & Schools
  • BPS Memorial Girls' College
  • BPS College of Education
  • MSM Ayurvedic College
  • Academic Staff College
  • Campus School(Aff. to C.B.S.E)
  • K.G.S.S. School(Aff. to B.O.S.E, HR)
Profational Institutes
  • School of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (South Campus)
  • M.S.M. Institute of Ayurveda
  • BPS Mahila Polytechnic
  • School of Engineering & Sciences
  • School of Management Studies
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