Department of English

BPS Mahila Vishwavidyalaya

Learning Resource Centre (Lab)

The Learning Resource Centre is established in a separate building within the premises and acts as a Central Facility for the university. Three Learning Resource Centres are named as V1, V2 and V3 and have 30 student booths each along with a Teacher Console and Technician’s Table. The booths are not closed cabins but at the same time ensure enough space to each student to work freely. Each Student booth has a Monitor, keyboard, mouse and a Headphone on which she can work. The students’ systems are directly controlled by the teacher who works on his Master Computer. The Video Labs give the students threefold training: listening, reading and visual.

The other three Learning Resource Centres are called A1, A2 and A3 and also have 30 student consoles, a Teacher Console and a technician’s table. The student consoles are not closed cabins and each booth has an audio device and a headphone on which the students work. The audio labs give the students listening and speaking training.

The student activities are controlled and monitored by the Teacher through his Computer which serves as the server to the student systems. The students however can go on to record their voice alongside the voice that is played for them and then listen to both the voices thereby making any corrections that may be required. The Learning Resource Centre enables the students to work in pairs and in groups The Centre has the facility of making one of the students as the Model and who speaks while the others listen to her and practice their speaking. The Labs have the facility of recording the students’ voices and the teacher can go on to correct the mistakes by hearing to them after the class on his computer in the staffroom. Each Faculty member in the Department has been given a Computer and a 2 GB PEN Drive for the purpose.