Department of English

BPS Mahila Vishwavidyalaya


The Faculty of English holds classes at two places:

  • Classrooms : The Classroom teaching is the Conventional teaching mode which is done in the Department. Apart from the students of M.A. English, M.A. Integrated English and Ph.D., students of sister departments/institutions are also taught by the faculty. The Lecture Theatres of the Department are spacious and cosy to facilitate teaching-learning process. The faculty promotes the students to speak freely with the teacher as well as with each other.

  • Learning Resource Centre: The Learning Resource Centre has six well-equipped Language Labs which are the best in the country and enable the students to learn and master English through the use of various audio-visual techniques.A 125 KW generator ensures a constant supply of power to the Learning Resource Centre thereby eliminating any chances of loss of time due to power failure. Moreover, to back up the generator, each Lab has an online UPS to protect the systems from any voltage fluctuations. The Faculty, without doubt, is using the most modern techniques and devices for teaching, thereby ensuring that the students get maximum benefit from the Classrooms as well as Learning Resource Centre and that they come out of it fluent in English.